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Matter and Soul has been an architectural, interior and landscape design company since 2011, and until 2022 it has focused on client-based design services in these fields. The new focus of the company however is in ground-up real estate development. 




The aim is to create a portfolio of unique built environments in special places around the world in which people find access to their most authentic, creative, connected and happy lives. 




The environments shall give the visitor and resident a sense of place that takes them out of the ordinary experience of just occupying a space into an environment that transmits a sense of peace, serenity, sense of belonging to here and now and to this earth. A place that feels gently protecting, giving the freedom to tune inwards and also, a place that makes one more aware of nature, the seasons, of the four elements and ultimately of ones place in the world.

Secondly, this introspection is combined with the building of community-centric living environments in which both a deep sense of privacy and quiet is honored and also the need to connect and share with fellow humans is celebrated. 


Both aspects are stitched into the fabric of the built environment to form the physical container of lives well lived.

Laura Burkhalter

Principal, Architect, Lic 32924


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tel: 323.841.2021 or gv 323.302.9409


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Eduardo Kuk




Corina Dow



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